31 Mar 2021
From the medical journal Circulation Research: The spike protein is what’s causing the damage
医学雑誌 Circulation Research から:スパイクタンパク質が損傷の原因です


The study, obviously authored by a pro-vaccine organization, then says that “vaccination-generated antibodies” may protect the body from the spike protein. Thus, the paper is essentially saying (paraphrased): “The spike protein may cause enormous damage to the vascular system when a person is injected with that spike protein, and when that person’s immune system attacks the spike protein and neutralizes it, the damage may be halted.”

In other words, the human immune system is trying to protect the patient from the damage caused by the vaccine, before the patient is killed by the adverse reactions.

Put another way, any person who actually survives the covid vaccine only does so because their innate immune system is protecting them from the vaccine, not with the vaccine. The vaccine is the weapon. Your immune system is your defense

All covid vaccines should be immediately halted and recalled.


Based on this research alone, all covid vaccines should be immediately pulled from the market and reevaluated for long-term side effects.

According to government published VAERS data, vaccine deaths in 2021 (so far) are already nearly 4,000% higher than all the vaccine deaths of 2020, combined. What’s new in 2021? The covid vaccine, built with the spike protein that causes vascular damage. The number of Americans who died after taking covid vaccines is already in the thousands, and realistic estimates put that number at tens of thousands (with more dying each day).
政府が発表した VAERS データによると、 2021 年のワクチンによる死亡(これまでのところ)は、 2020 年のすべてのワクチンによる死亡を合わせたものよりもすでに 4,000 %近く多くなっています。 2021 年は何が新しいですか? 血管の損傷を引き起こすスパイクタンパク質で構築されたコロナワクチンを接種しています。コロナワクチンを接種した後に死亡したアメリカ人の数はすでに数千人にのぼり、現実的な推定ではその数は数万人にのぼります(毎日さらに多くの人が死亡しています)。

The mechanism is now well understood: The covid vaccine injects the patient with spike proteins, the spike proteins proceed to cause vascular damage and blood platelet aggregation, this leads to blood clots which circulate around the body and lodge in different organs (the heart, lungs, brain, etc.), causing deaths that are attributed to “strokes” or “heart attacks” or “pulmonary embolism.”

The common cause is the vascular damage stemming from the spike protein. In essence, millions of people are being injected with artificial blood clotting factors and then dying from blood clots, all while the disastrously dishonest corporate media claims all covid vaccines are completely “safe” and have harmed no one.

All covid vaccines are risky medical experiments, yet the oblivious masses are brainwashed and told the vaccines have all been “approved” as safe and effective

The FDA has not granted therapeutic approval for any covid-19 vaccine, and no long-term trials have been completed to show covid-19 vaccines as safe and effective. Rather, the FDA granted experimental authorization use in the USA, which admits that those who take the vaccines are participating in a risky medical experiment with unknown consequences.
アメリカ食品医薬品局は covid-19 ワクチンの治療承認を与えておらず、 covid-19 ワクチンが安全で効果的であることを示す長期試験は完了していません。むしろ、アメリカ食品医薬品局は米国での実験的認可の使用を許可しました。これは、ワクチンを服用する人々が、未知の結果を伴う危険な医学実験に参加していることを認めています。

Those who take the vaccine are often brainwashed or deceived by the lying corporate media which falsely claims covid vaccines have been “approved” by the FDA and have harmed no one. The government’s own VAERS data at VAERS.hhs.gov proves otherwise.
コロナワクチンを接種している人は、コロナワクチンがアメリカ食品医薬品局によって「承認」されており、誰にも害を与えていないと主張するメディア、うそをついている企業メディアに洗脳されたり騙されたりすることがあります。しかし、 VAERS.hhs.gov にある政府独自のVAERS データ、 FDA / CDC ワクチン有害事象報告システムはコロナワクチンが害を与えていることを証明しています。


Over 273 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through May 17, 2021. During this time, VAERS received 4,647 reports of death (0.0017%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. CDC and FDA physicians review each case report of death as soon as notified and CDC requests medical records to further assess reports.
2020 年 12 月 14 日から 2021 年 5 月 17 日まで、アメリカ合衆国では 2 億 7300 万回以上の COVID-19 ワクチンが投与されました。この間、 VAERS は、 COVID-19 ワクチンを接種した人々の死亡報告を4,647 件( 0.0017 %)受け取りました。 CDC と FDA の医師は、通知されるとすぐに死亡の各症例報告を確認し、 CDC は報告をさらに評価するために医療記録を要求しています。